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Most of the time, when I show a new painting to people, the first thing they ask is "how long did it take you?" My usual answer is "No Idea" as the time just slips away with me when I'm painting and all I know is it is hours and hours! THIS TIME I'm going to record the time I've spent on a painting and I will know EXACTLY how long it takes from start to finish (If I remember to record all my sessions!) I'm currently working on the painting pictured, which has the working title "Flamingo".

It is at the stage where I've blocked in most of the colour, and I've clocked up 7 hours (that is including time taken to grid and draw it out).

It's going to be a colourful one again, and I'm already liking it, although I do go through several love/hate stages.

This is the largest painting I've done (aside from a mural) and the first time using the easel I got for Christmas!

I stood up the first day, but the ceramic Ikea plate I use as a palette started to get heavy really quickly. I lowered it today and sat down which was a lot easier!

I've ordered a tablet holder that I'm going to clamp to the easel so I can view the reference more easily, and I've also ordered some more pink paint! (Winsor and Newton Galeria)

I started blocking in, and used my cheapo "The Works" white paint and coverage was pretty poor. I then used a small amount of Winsor and Newton Galeria white instead and it covered perfectly, I now realise it's a bit of a false economy buying the really cheapo paint, so I might just use it all up as a primer. I find the cheaper (yellow ochre particularly) paints separate and go a bit "spongy" and I've not had that with the Winsor and Newton ones. I suppose I can justify using a more expensive paint as I spend so long on these pictures and it is a real joy to me to paint. I also bought some Liquitex heavy body acrylic paint from the Patchings shop when I went the other day, and it covers really well too. I still love using The Works acrylic retarder though, and it's a shame they've stopped making it! Jacksons make one, and I might try that one once this current one runs out.

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