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Virtual Tour

Just before lockdown, I had some work in an exhibition at the hospital where I work themed "Wellbeing in the Workplace". I had contributed 6 portraits done in gouache.

Well, I just recieved an e-mail from the organiser Kate Lowe from Air Arts, and they have put together a virtual exhibition! It's pretty amazing!

The great thing is you get to really take in everyone's work, and it covers both the the site I work in (Royal Derby) and also London Road Community Hospital too, which I didn't get chance to see before lockdown happened.

In other news, I'm continuing with my NHS portrait for which I'm trying out the grisaille technique, so I have painted out using a mix of mars black and titanium white, and will add glazes too. Hopefully it will come out well. So far it looks good as it's a chance to get the underpainting in thinking only in terms of tonal values. I'm also carrying on with an oil of Eleanor (another one!) and I'm working on both intermittently to allow drying time.

I've entered the Harley open for when exhibitions open again. Not sure I'll get in but I thought why not have a go? I've entered Red Glasses and Flamingo. Seems like an age since I painted them!

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