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Very productive day

I took part in an all day ceramics workshop today at the Long Eaton art room. The artist running the session was David William Sampson (check out his stuff!) and I had a great day! I managed to make a bowl shaped like a cheese plant leaf (my favourite indoor plant) and a day of the dead skull container, which I may use for a plant, flowers or paintbrushes?

I was really pleased with my two pieces for a first effort (since school) and I will go back again to glaze them once they've been fired.

There is a regular session on a Monday evening, which clashed with my Art group, but it's a drop in so I'll try to get in when art isn't running or on the odd occasion. It's something I'd love to do again and I already have ideas for future projects..I'm thinking a bowl made from cupped hands?....

When I got home (when the kids went to bed) I finished off a drawing a friend asked me to do of the Balrog from Lord of the Rings. I used a couple of Google images to make a collage to work from and did it digitally. Although I prefer painting these days, I quite likes this one, the limited colours and I like the orangey browns. I'm trying to steer away from commissions so much as I much prefer to do my own thing and try new media.

Balrog digital drawing (from Google image references)

Speaking of different media, I had another go at lino printing after the Balrog, I told you it was a productive day!

The other day I made a cat one with a bow-tie, and had an idea of doing an Edgar Allen Poe one of the Raven.

My first 2 attempts were awful. The first one I did the writing the wrong way (not concentrating). I'd printed it in reverse but accidentally traced it the right way round onto the lino!

Take #2 and I got it the right way, but the lino was absolutely awful, and the printing was patchy and I hated it. The pieces of lino came free with the starter printing set and was quite tough and hard, not like the nice soft ones I'd used before.

I went online and ordered another Speedball Speedy cut lino (the pink one I'd used for the Frida print) and started the third attempt.

This time worked a lot better and printed well. There were a couple of mishaps where I'd smeared ink on the back of the cards, and where the fine lines had got clogged with paint and lost detail but I like the overall effect. Perhaps the initial ones were better carved but never mind!

I have a bit more decent lino left so I'll think about the next project. Until then I have plenty to be getting on with, a couple of jobs for other people and lots of painting projects of my own desire in the pipeline! But 4 creations of in one day, pretty pleased with that!

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