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Trying new software

I've decided to move away from Adobe products, mainly because they are pricing artists out with their subscription model and I just can't afford it. I had been using an older versions (pre- subscription) and "lite" versions but I heard a rumour that these licences will soon become obsolete.

However, there are alternatives out there and I have been trying out a couple of options.


This is FREE, yes FREE open source software, and I have given it a quick tryout. All in all it does everything I wanted it to do. This is a vector software, so is a replacement for Adobe Illustrator and there are some really useful tutorials on YouTube, in fact I've learned a few more things about vector drawing from watching these.

The downside is that there is no app for it, so I can't use it on my tablet, but for a free vector software it gets the thumbs up from me!


Although this isn't free it is a very decent price for what it does (£48.99) and there is Affinity Designer which is a replacement for Illustrator, and Affinity Photo which is their Photo editing software, the same price, and a replacement for Photoshop.

They also have a Beta out for Affinity Publisher, which would be the replacement for Indesign, so you could get the whole package for a fraction of the cost.

It has a very attractive user interface and I found it easy to pick up. There are also, like Inkscape, plenty of online tutorials.

The bonus is that there is a App for Affinity Designer, so I could start a project on PC and carry on with it on my iPad. (£19.99)

I have bought the Affinity Designer on my PC and iPad and I've started a project already. I think this might be the one for me to replace the Adobe projects and I might invest in the Photo software too. The release date for Publisher is not yet known.

I'll let you all know how I get on when I've finished the project and I'm going to try to get Inkscape installed at work for my drawing jobs there (fingers crossed!)

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