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Things don’t always go to plan...

I’m in the process of painting a portrait for one of my entries (and maybe the only entry at this rate) for the Derbyshire open. Let’s just say that I just couldn’t get the likeness right in the first attempt...

It’s happened a few times in paintings where I’ve just moved the eye a slight bit, then the nose a bit, then mouth and suddenly it looks nothing like the initial drawn image.

I really took against this one this time as usually I would just keep adjusting till I got it “back” but this time, I took the Dettol and white spirits and took off the paint. I then decided to start again from scratch, which is something I don’t very often do. I can re-prime this canvas for another project in the future.

This time I decided to really focus on getting the drawing just right before putting on a lot of paint, and I re-drew the image from the gridded reference photo. It looks ok so far, and I’ve put down some tonal information in brown paint..we’ll see how it goes this time.

I think I’ll start with the eyes, once they’re set and I’m happy, it makes the rest a lot easier.

Watch this space!

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