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The Harley Open

I'm so pleased that my painting Flamingo has gone through to the second round of judging for the Harley Open! I just have to wait until the gallery opens again to take it in. It seems so long ago since I painted it!

I can't remember the last time I painted in acrylic (I think this might have been the last time I did!) I'm really enjoying oils at the moment. I seem to be storming ahead with portraits at the minute!

I finished the NHS hero painting for Katie, who seems pleased with it. I just need to varnish it and when the time comes, hand it over!

I'm also experimenting more with oils and underpainting. I used a grisaille (greyscale) underpainting for the NHS portrait and a Verdaccio (green) underpainting for the Eleanor wonder woman painting. I'm also doing one "straight".

So far the straight one (Eleanor with Tongue Out) is pretty much finished (may add a few highlights) but the "I,Wonder" Eleanor one still has a bit to go, so I'll do a comparison blog on all three when they are all done,

In the meantime, here is my NHS portrait and the Eleanor with Tongue out:

I quite like the unfinished style of the Eleanor painting and something I might introduce to other works.

In lockdown, I'm also occasionally taking part in the Portrait Artist of the Week on Facebook, and have painted Rankin and Judge Rinder. They seem to be improving, as I get used to the four hour timescale, and maybe I will actually like the next one! They are on my instagram account if you want to take a look, although I may delete them and maybe paint over them!?

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