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Stained Glass and Oils

Went along to a stained glass workshop on Saturday at the Long Eaton Art Room, which I've been to before when I did the ceramics workshop. It was a lot of fun, I had time to make 2 pieces and only cut my finger once!

I found the cutting easier than I thought I would, and the soldering the hardest part, which is strange as I have soldered before so I thought I'd be a lot better!

We were given a list of equipment and suppliers at the end which was really useful. Perhaps when the kids are older I might consider doing some at home, but it's probably not a great idea cutting glass with a toddler about! The equipment isn't overly expensive, and the process is simple if you concentrate and get some guidance, and the possibilites are endless really.. I would definately go to another workshop and perhaps try something a bit more advanced next time.

I've also had another oil painting class, and have been given more homework. I'm finding it really useful as we go over the theory, colour theory and processes in painting. The basics that I've missed out on not having done an Art degree or the like. I'm enjoying using the oils so far and would like to do a portrait in oils, for the benefit of the blending.

We have been given an image to paint, which involves making a thumbnail for the compostition, then underpainting using thinned burnt sienna, then painting in colour as a final layer. Doing the underpainting and getting the tonal information down first is something I've not tried before, so I'd be interested to see how it works when I add the colour layer. So far I've done a rough underpaint.

We have also been given tonal drawing exercises, and I've redone the colour wheel from last time as my reds were a bit too dominant!

We painted some boards with a mix of Ultramarine and Burnt Sienna as a black mix, so I'm curious to what we will be doing next time.. Next session is on the 20th November, which is when I have to drop off my 3 A5 boards, I've finished the Peacock, and am half way through the portrait.

I've done some of the face and just put in the tones in the hair, but I need to do the fine detailing and sort the backsground out (although I do like the purple/blue rough colour).

Then it's just the Toucan to finish..

I'm really wanting to do some bookbinding too, especially after the crafty work I did on Saturday. I have plenty of equipment now, but just not enough time! Plus a couple of commissions to do.

As usual my enthusiasm is great but my free time is minimal.

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