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Patchings Festival

Went to the Patchings art festival on Saturday and saw my painting in the Leisure Painter section. It was really good seeing it there with the other exhibits which were really amazing and it made me realise how lucky I was to have been chosen to exhibit.

The festival on a whole was great! I tried some marbling, and may even buy a kit so that I can experiment with painting backgrounds, and I got a few bargain brushes and paints. I had a 2 day ticket, so my daughter went on the second day and got a few bargains too!

I would really recommend it, it's great to see the exhibits and products. My painting is there on display until the 11th August.

There was also an original Bob Ross painting on display in the Bob Ross tent. We watched a glassblowing demonstration which was really captivating (although I'm not tempted to try it, when we were told the temperature of the furnace was hotter than a volcano!) It was amazing to watch and they had some really nice pieces on display and for sale. I bought a beautiful paperweight.

(Glassblowers were E&M Glass)

The marbling demo was also a favourite. My sister, who came with me is not really artistic, but we both had a go, swirling the paint in the water and dipping a tile. Hers turned out a lot better than mine! We're talking about getting a starter kit and having a go at home, perhaps with the kids. (Marbling4fun)

I'd enter again, and I would definitely go again, there was a lot to do and see and it's quite close by so why not!

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