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Made in the NHS #2

Wire working continues, and my subject was "The Squire", Alfred-Edward Miller Mundy. I'm pretty pleased with how he turned out, the "Wire Squire". I used the thicker iron wire as the outline to add strength to the structure, with thinner iron, and aluminium wire for the shadows and highlights. The wire casts wonderful shadows, and I now have to think about how to display him!

After the wire work, came the metal embossing. I chose to use the copper and aluminium materials to depict the working class and upper class aspects of the heritage of Shipley Park.

For the copper, I chose Shipley Colliery. Although I lost the likeness of my grandad Tom, I did include his pit pony "Jerry". I'm also pleased with how the text part worked out. The tarnishing of the metal was done artificially with a sharpie pen.

Then for the aluminium ("silver"), I embossed the Spotted Wolf, the crest of the Miller-Mundy family, the upper class family of the former Shipley Hall. I quite like the contrast of the "dirty" copper image (I added extra tarnish) and the shiny "posh" aluminium, and how both sides are represented.

I've really enjoyed the project, and learned a tonne of new skills. I've even ordered more copper to carry on trying out embossing! (I'm thinking art nouveau...) I've loved working on a common theme, and trying to link the materials to the heritage at various stages. I can't wait to see the participants pieces displayed together, and will post here when the exhibition opens!

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