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Long time no blog!

Been quite busy recently and not had time to blog! The art club has started again and I've been doing a few drawing classes too. I've had a few drawing jobs to do and just life/work the rest!

So the club has started and I'll have an exhibition to organise shortly. I'm going to find a few pieces to exhibit and sell so watch this space! I've also had a website and a logoto design and a few portraits to do. I have my sister's dog sketched out and more in my to-do list before Christmas.

I also drew this picture of the comedian and streamer Limmy, posted to his Twitter and it got a good response! Even from Limmy himself! I've gifted it to him for him to use as merchandise possibly if he does it in the future, I really enjoy his streams so it's nice to give something back and also get good feedback!

The image refers to him playing Euro Truck Simulator and here he is with his fictional dog Rexit (there are pink magic trees in the cab!)

I've been looking into doing more paintings/ drawings of botanic subjects, and I'm seriously looking at an online course. I do love doing portraits but sometimes I feel limited to working from photographs as there is no way I can afford to pay a model for the length of time I take on a painting, and flowers/fauna tend to keep still and don't cost much!

I also love the level of detail involved in botanical painting, it's right up my street although I'm the worst gardener in the world and don't know the names of any plants (apart from the obvious ones). I'll still always do portraits but I think it's always good to broaden your skills.

I've also had an invitation to exhibit at the hospital where I work (and where I first exhibited my work) so I'm thinking about what I could put in for that too. You can see now why I've been busy! SO much going on, but really exciting too!

Anyway, heres a botanical sketch I've just done, in pencil. I used an Unsplash photo, as I want to skill up a bit before I draw and paint from life.

This slight diversion from my usual subjects means I have to re-acquant myself with watercolours, not my strongest media. There's botanical artists that use acrylics and oils of course, but the course I'm looking at is for watercolours.

Oh, and I've got a few oil painting classes coming up, and a stained glass workshop....

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