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Exhibitions so far....

Updated: May 16, 2019

As my first blog post, I thought I'd post a little bit about the exhibitions I've taken part in so far. The first being the Air Arts exhibition BrighTen, celebrating 10 years of Air Arts and their contribution to art in hospitals. In this exhibition, Trust members (like myself) were invited to submit works, and I submitted a digital collage "Laughter is the Best Medicine" comprising of a number of portraits of comedians, past and present.

The poster is still up in the library where I work, as I requested that it stay up (if they wanted it) and they did!

The second exhibition (I'd got a taste for it) was the Derbyshire Open Arts competition held at Buxton Museum. I was so happy my painting of my daughter got accepted let alone win a prize! There had to be a Derbyshire link, and she was captured eating an ice cream at Matlock Bath (hence the title).

I'd had surgery the day before collecting the award, so I look a little bit dazed!

The latest exhibition is the annual exhibition for my local art club Ilkeston Arts and Camera Club. One of my paintings "Neon" won the award for best portrait, which I am really pleased about. Also on display is "Macaw" and "Kitty". I won't win any awards for best title for a painting!

Now I've been made Exhibition secretary at the club, it will my job to organise it all next year!

Hopefully there will be more to add to this list very soon....

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