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Getting things DONE!

I've got so many jobs to do at the moment, and I've just taken another enquiry for commission so busy times ahead! I've finished the 3 A5 images for Patchings and I'm back on the digital art for a commission now. I've got a botanical art workshop on Sunday which I am SO looking forward to and I've just tonight added a bit more to the oil landscape.

Still could do with a bit more, I'm not to good at landscapes and I am just learning with oils....

I'm looking forward to trying out portraiture in oils, I have one already started, but I know more now so it should work out better than it would have.

I glazed my pottery pieces last week, so when they're fired I can collect them and show you all!

I also had a go at making a couple more books. One with the kit book and one from my own materials. I've been collecting comic annuals in charity shops to use the pages as cover, which has worked with this one I did. I have already got an order (from my daughter) for a Rainbow Brite one!

Kit book

My comic pages one

I have enough books to make notebooks for Paperchase, so plenty to be getting on with, in between paintings!

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