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Coloured Pencils!

After doing the botanical workshop last year, I have been after some coloured pencils to try out some of the techniques I learned. I had a bit of money for Christmas so invested in some Faber Castell Polychromos pencils, that were recommended.

I found the colours were great, varied and they went on the watercolour paper smoothly. I tried them out on a puffin image from Unsplash.

The scan doesn't do it justice, but I found the lighter shades really great for adding form to the white feathers.

I've now invested in some Clairefontaine Pastel Mat paper (which I see mentioned everywhere) to try them out some more. I've used the paper before (a sample pack) with pastel pencils, but not oil based pencils so it will be nice to try. I have plenty of images to chose from.

I really wish I could take decent bird pictures myself!

I got Alan Woolletts book on bird art, they are fabulous drawings, really inspiring, and of course there are botanicals....I just need more time!

Speaking of time, I'm really busy with jobs at the moment. I have my oil homework (classes start again next week), 3 more exhibition pieces to finish and a few commission bits coming in. I haven't got time to go to my actual job with all I want to do with my art!

I've also just signed up for Belper again, although this time it will be a window display rather than a stand as I don't think I can get the childcare. On the other hand, I can take them to the trail and have chance to look around this year!

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