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Botanical drawing workshop

Today I attended a workshop at the Long Eaton art rooms (where I did the ceramics workshop), in botanical drawing.

I was immediately drawn to this dried artichoke (it was all dried materials and seed pods).

The pencil drawing took most of the morning and the afternoon was fine liner work including dot shading and then colouring with coloured pencils.

I really enjoyed it, and Sue Vize, who ran the workshop was really helpful in giving me advice about technique and positioning the subject. It was nice to do a non-portrait, and to draw from life. I will certainly be doing more. I'm not used to using coloured pencils so I'm glad how it turned out, and might try a simple pen/ink drawing next time. I didn't use the dipping pen I bought for the workshop, so that's also something i'd like to try out, as I have some nice coloured inks. I feel like if I spent more time on a piece I could do something better, and I suppose the detailed manner in which I do my paintings is suited to this. Although my knowledge of plants would struggle to fill the back of a stamp!

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