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A5 portraiture

Finished (?) the second of the A5 pictures for the exhibition in a few weeks time. I've not varnished it yet as I'm convinced I'm going to make a last minute change, but so far it's done! It's difficult getting a balance in how much time I spend on a painting and how much I'm going to price it at. The size tells me it's not going to fetch a lot of money, so it really doesn't make much sense to spend too many hours, but then I am a perfectionist, so I always do more than I should really!

Speaking of selling art, I've just increased the capacity in my online shop, so have spent the evening (and day) photographing and uploading artwork to it, although it doesn't appear yet as it needs to be approved. I also sold my Kitty picture in the Smoothie Bar exhibition (I might have mentioned before?) so that's good news!

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