I was always "arty" at school, and I had intended to go on and study it further, but other life commitments meant that it remained an off-and-on hobby for many years. I took a few evening classes and drew pictures for friends and family, but nothing serious.

Then in 2014, I was asked to do some medical illustration (working in a medical library) and I decided to finally pursue art more seriously. I enrolled on a Graphic Design and Illustration course online, and studied for a year to complete a Certificate in Higher Education in 2015. I learned a lot about digital illustration and put that to good use,  I then started some local adult education classes and rediscovered my love of painting and portraiture.

Since entering my first open art competition in 2018 I've really increased the amount of time I spend painting. I love trying out different techniques and medium and I'm happiest when I'm creating, learning, entering exhibitions and competitions, and meeting fellow artists and creators. I try to do some type of artwork every day. I hope you like my work!

I am currently exhibition secretary for Ilkeston Arts and Camera Club. Based in Ilkeston since 1902 it is a meeting place for local artists and photographers. We hold competitions, exhibitions, workshops and creative sessions. If you are interested in finding out more about the club, click the link below:


Exhibitions and Awards

2017/2018 - BrighTen Exhibition "Laughter is the Best Medicine"- Royal Derby Hospital - Air Arts. 


2018 - Derbyshire Open Art Competition (prizewinner) "Ice Cream in Matlock Bath" - Buxton Museum, Buxton, Derbyshire


2019 - Ilkeston Arts and Camera Club - Alec Shaw Trophy for Best Portrait "Neon"- Erewash Museum, Ilkeston, Derbyshire

2019 - The Artist and Leisure Painter Open - Accepted for Exhibition "Red Glasses"- Patchings Festival, Nottinghamshire

2020 - The Artist and Leisure Painter Open - Highly Commended work "Hand Powered Flight". 

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